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Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems. Look for someone who won’t let you face them alone.
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hey! Thanks a lot for the answer & the Pinto link (what a wonderful way to start a collage! :D). Also, I just remembered: around maybe... 2 months ago? I saw everyone talking about how you can't read Animus anymore. IDK whether it's still the case, but turns out I kinda found it? A tournament between the ships? Magic? Kirk being a terrible little shit? Spock being a total outsider, then being completely /obsessed/ about fucking Kirk? If that's the one, I have it :O


i want it please and thank you

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hi! I keep revisiting your fic recs (cause your favs usu turn out ot be mine) and I just realised that I haven't asked you about RPF. Pinto? The infamous Spanky Captain? Y/N?


Captain Spanky YAS

and everything in this tag on my blog

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hello there! I was wondering whether you know where is this gifset from? post/85518915974 I am guessing that it's some kind of a we-invite-famous-ppl-to-host-this show, bc I kinda recognize the map in the background, but I'm not from US and I cannot place it -.-

Yes! It’s from Saturday Night Live!

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fics be like ‘major character death’ and i be like ‘no’

all i want is a little more star trek

"The truth is I'm gonna miss you."

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1/7th of my life has been a wednesday

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today i saw two squirrels fighting in a tree then those squirrels fell out of the tree, plummeted to the ground, smacked into the dirt, immediately got back up and started fighting again. nature is amazing.

"How do I stay so healthy and boyishly handsome? It’s simple. I drink the blood of young runaways."

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100% canon nerdiness of Captain James T. Kirk

  • was once described as "a stack of books with legs"
  • quotes peter pan
  • quotes John Masefield
  • quotes Charles Dickens
  • quotes Shakespeare
  • quotes paradise lost
  • Bones gave him 18th century glasses as a present and Spock gave him an antique edition of A Tale of Two Cities

in summation: kirk is a great big nerd and i love it

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post shower selfie